Videos show Morris Lubricants brand ambassador Guy Martin discovering how oil is made

A new video series, featuring popular lorry mechanic, motorbike racer, TV presenter, engineering enthusiast and Morris Lubricants ambassador Guy Martin is set to be released.

These videos show Guy going behind the scenes at the Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants to learn how oil is made.

A heavy goods vehicle mechanic by trade, Guy was eager to discover each stage of the manufacturing process and how oil is formulated to keep engines and machinery lubricated even in the toughest conditions.

In the series of five videos, to be launched in the coming weeks, the Morris Lubricants brand ambassador is guided through the production process by the company’s technology manager Adrian Hill.

Morris Lubricants is the UK’s leading, independently owned manufacturer of oil and lubricants, which are sold to 90 countries around the globe, with each product proudly displaying the Union Jack.

Guy discovers that the oil blending process is lengthy and strictly monitored, beginning with high quality raw materials being delivered through to making the oils and lubricants, quality control and filling the finished oils.

The oils are sold in a range of volumes, from as little as 250ml, five litre contour and 25 litre drum to a 205 litre barrel and bulk containers.

Adrian explains the chemistry behind how each oil product is specially formulated to meet the needs of individual applications in diverse markets, ranging from agriculture and automotive to industrial and power generation.

Guy also gets to see the quality controls that are in place to ensure that the oils and lubricants are produced correctly. These oils and lubricants, which are used in cars, motorbikes, tractors, lorries and a huge range of machinery, must meet strict global and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications.

The package is palletised, stored and then shipped out to customers in the UK or overseas. Forty-four million litres of product leave the company’s two manufacturing sites annually and 12 shipping containers leave Shrewsbury every week.

A further three extra episodes were filmed detailing the cutting-edge technology used in the laboratory that separates Morris Lubricants from other lubricant manufacturers.

“After spending time at the factory in Shrewsbury, I now appreciate the science and skill that goes into making Morris Lubricants’ products,” said Guy. “I didn't realise they made as many different varieties of oil and lubricants.

“It blew me away when Adrian said that Morris Lubricants ships 12 containers of oil a week to countries as far away as New Zealand, Iraq and China and how much trust their international customers have in the product being made in Britain.”

Adrian enjoyed filming the videos with Guy. “Throughout the filming, Guy was genuinely interested in the process, spontaneous with his comments and amazed by what goes on behind the scenes,” he said.

“He was excited by the prospect of seeing something new and enjoyed filling a few barrels, capping it and putting the Morris Lubricants seal on.

The video series will be launched on Morris Lubricants website  and social media channels, allowing viewers to sit back and enjoy with a ‘proper’ cup of tea, just like Guy Martin.

Picture caption:

Morris Lubricants’ brand ambassador Guy Martin filming with the company’s technology manager Adrian Hill.