Two new trustees come on board to help drive Little Rascals Foundation forward

A Shropshire charity which provides help and support to Shropshire youngsters with disabilities, and their families, has appointed two new trustees.

The Little Rascals Foundation was launched in 2017 by footballer Dave Edwards and his childhood friend Ben Wootton, with their mothers joining them as trustees.

Mitch Gough and Steve Parry, both from Shropshire company Q Financial Services, have now come on board to help drive the charity forward as it looks to add to the services it offers.

Ben said: “We’re really excited to have two new trustees. It’s just been the four of us from the start, so it’s good to have two more on board.

"Mitch and Steve have a lot of contacts, experience and ideas. Steve is a commercial broker and deals with grants and funding applications, so we’re hoping he can help in that way with the charity.”

Pleased with how the Foundation continues to develop, Ben added: "We run lots of services for children with SEN disabilities in Shrewsbury and are hoping to also now do that more in Telford.

"That’s another good reason to get Steve and Mitch on board as they are based in Telford. The charity provides lots of one to one support in the community.”  

Former Wales international Dave, who returned to Shrewsbury Town earlier this year, added: “The charity is growing all the time with the services we offer, including our work in the community as we provide mentoring and respite for parents.

"It all costs money and we’re trying to raise funds to keep these services going because the parents of children with disabilities need our help.”  

A charity golf day has been arranged by Q Financial Services at Wrekin Golf Club on Thursday, September 19 to raise funds for the Little Rascals Foundation.

New trustee Mitch said: “It’s already an established foundation and it’s nice to do some good for the local community, so I’m delighted to be involved.”

Steve added: “I’m excited to be involved with a great charity, to come up with some ideas and try and add some value.”  

To contact the Little Rascals Foundation, email [email protected]

Pictured, from left: Dave Edwards, Mitch Gough, Ben Wootton and Steve Parry are looking to add to the services offered in Shropshire by the Little Rascals Foundation.