Training for Marshals at Loton Park ...

Volunteer marshals who provide vital support for speed hill climb events at Loton Park Hill Climb and throughout the Midlands received a weekend of training at the county's iconic venue at Alberbury, near Shrewsbury. Chief marshal for event organisers Hagley Car Club, Adrian Mudge, said: "Marshals are essential for all forms of motor sport from grass roots hill climbing like this, through WRC rallies up to F1 and their dedication, expertise and experience is appreciated by both competitiors and spectators alike as safety is always paramount.

"Training included, whistles and flag signals, fighting vehicle fires, car recovery and driver rescue with special training on the HANS head restraining devices which come into wider force this year.

"We have a great bunch of people here and are always looking out for more volunteers who would like to join the team and wish to get really close to the action, so anybody intered in doing so can contact me at [email protected]."

Pictured:  Training instructor Roy Holder (LEFT) with volunteer marshals at Loton Park.