Toughest Mudder Just Got Tougher

Tough Mudder, the leading sports, active lifestyle and media brand has announced that Toughest Mudder is back for 2019, with a longer course and new teamwork elements to truly test participants’ stamina and mental grit.

Now running a full 12 hours from 8pm on Saturday 18th May to 8am Sunday 19th May at the Midlands event, fearless participants will power through as many five mile laps as they can. The course boasts some of the biggest, highest and most challenging obstacles ever, with bigger teams thanks to the open team relay format and participants all in pursuit of the ultimate kudos - Mudder Glory - in the form of being crowned Europe’s Toughest Mudder.

Guaranteed to push runners past anything they’ve ever experienced before, Toughest Mudder is introducing new 2-person, 4-person or open team relay formats for the first time, so contestants can now share the glory with their mates and show how teamwork can really make the dream work.

With participants now having more time out on the course, a new dedicated overnight event village will be waiting for competitors  and attendees to take advantage of a World's Toughest Mudder-style pit area. Camping and hot food / drink will be available throughout the night to keep runners and their teammates going strong. 

Spectators will also be able to move around the course to see their friends or family in action and join in with the general festival feel of the village. Expect good vibes round the campfire all night long. 

“In 2019, Europe’s Toughest Mudder is following the rest of our product offering as we go back to our roots. It’s longer, it’s tougher, but we’re also dialling up the teamwork & camaraderie with team-relay categories, revamped pit area and our new suite of obstacles. It’s going to be a massive dose of Tough Mudder at its best.” Giles Chater, Managing Director - Europe.

Those who hit the dedicated qualifying minimum miles for each category (male, female and team relay teams) can qualify for Contender status at World’s Toughest Mudder, in Atlanta USA. Check out all the information for Toughest Mudder here.

Waiting at the finish line for all participants will be a delicious Snickers More Protein® bar, a Brewdog Punk IPA, and of course, the iconic finisher headbands, and all-new finisher t-shirt.