Toni & Guy manager proves you are never too old to learn

A Shropshire businessman has proved that it is never too late to learn by graduating the age of 52.

Gavin Pulham, who owns the Toni & Guy hair salon in Shrewsbury, has just completed a new two-year leadership programme run by Durham University Business School.

The programme was specially developed for the Toni & Guy group by two of the university’s professors, with Gavin being amongst the first franchisees to undertake the studies and be presented with his diploma at Durham Castle.

In order to achieve the qualification, all candidates were required to pass seven assignments based around core skills and which focused on supportive leadership, sound HR practices and staff wellbeing.

The ground-breaking programme will now form an essential part of the development of future salon leaders working at Toni & Guy as it was initially based on extensive research carried out across managers, staff and clients.

Gavin commented: “I’m over 50 and I am still learning! I’m genuinely thrilled to have been a part of this unique learning experience.

“Completing the leadership programme has been an amazing opportunity to learn so many new skills within our ever-evolving industry. I am very grateful to Toni & Guy and Durham University for the opportunity.”

Nigel Darwin, chief executive officer of Toni & Guy said: “I was thrilled to see our first partners receive their diplomas in leadership and management.

“They are at the heart of the business and it is through leadership of their teams and of the brand that enables us to delight our clients every day and to write the next chapter in the Toni & Guy story.

“Huge congratulations to everyone who achieved this prestigious award.”