Theatre Severn Goes Through The Rabbit Hole..

2015 sees the anniversary of a very special little girl. She’s one hundred and fifty years old but hasn’t aged a day. Who is she? Alice Liddell, but she is better known to most of us as ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Hundreds of events are happening around the country to celebrate Alice’s birthday including a staging of ‘Crocodiles & Cream’ (the life story of Lewis Caroll) at Theatre Severn this June.

First published in 1865 Alice in Wonderland has found a place in the hearts of many children and adults and continues to delight readers to this day. Having inspired countless films, plays, comics and animations, the iconic characters have appeared on everything from teapots to tattoos.

The story is a madcap adventure which sees Alice explore a fantastical and magical Wonderland. The origins of the story began when Caroll took the three Liddell sisters (of whom Alice was one) for a boat ride in Oxford. He adlibbed the tale of a bored little girl who was looking for adventure to entertain them. So enthralled were they by the tale that Caroll immediately began writing the stories down.  Three years later the book was first published and Alice has been with us ever since.

The play ‘Crocodiles & Cream’ is an intimate portrait of the writer behind the books. Carroll’s life was as unusual as the books he wrote. A mathematician and logician, bound by rules and formulas, he also found comfort in religion and was even ordained as a Deacon. He was a keen photographer and in the 1850’s became one of the foremost child photographers of the 19th Century. Afflicted with a terrible stammer, and uncomfortable talking with adults, it was only when telling stories, particularly to children, that he truly felt comfortable.

Kevin Moore is the actor tasked with portraying the eccentric author, he said: ‘Getting under the skin of Lewis Carroll has been a fascinating process, he is such a complicated figure, with so many unusual facets to his character, so vulnerable yet so charming.’

He continued: ‘The play has been wonderfully written, full of the nonsensical rhymes and mischief we have come to expect from Carroll, but also full of tenderness and sadness. It really is something very special and I hope the people of Shropshire will join us in celebrating this magical author.’

Crocodiles & Cream will be at Theatre Severn on Saturday 13th June. Tickets are available by contacting the Box Office on (01743) 281 281 or by visiting the venues website at