Telford women who have experienced tragedy set up business to help others

Two Telford women who have been through life changing experiences are turning their turmoil into positive help for others and setting up new businesses.

Phyl Edmonds, 54 of Wellington, is setting up Severn Intervention Services following the tragic loss of her husband through suicide in 2010.

And Sandra Owen, 52 of Priorslee, whose father died when she was just seven-years-old, has created a course to help people improve their quality of life.

Both businesses are designed to help people help themselves to move forward after major life changes and will be launched next week (June 2).

Phyl found help in the Grief Recovery Method® following her traumatic experience five years ago, she trained as a specialist in the method and now wants to help others.

She said: “The positive action steps helped me find peace with my emotions and move forward in life.

“I now help adults and children who have experienced significant change including bereavement, relationship breakdown and pet loss, to find a place of peace and a platform from which to move forward.
“The next step for me was to launch my own company and I am very excited about it.

“We specialise in grief support, programmes for parents and professionals to help children deal with loss as well as career and personal development courses.”

Meanwhile Sandra has created the Gifted Life Creative Personal Development course, a seven-week course to help people explore their thoughts and emotions in a fun, engaging and enjoyable way.

She is an experienced musician, teacher and mentor.

She said: “When my father died immersing myself in creativity was how I coped with emotions I did not have the ability to express in words at such a young age.
“Emotional and mental wellbeing is vitally important and the Gifted Life Creative Personal

Development course covers all five recommended steps to mental wellbeing - physical activity, connection with others, mindfulness, learning new skills and giving.

“These help restore positive balance.”

If you would like to find out how these women can help you to recover from the emotional turmoil brought on by unforeseen change, visit the business launch event for free at The Telford Whitehouse Hotel, Wellington, on Tuesday 2 June.

Both women will be available to explain more about the businesses and what is on offer from 7pm to 8.30pm.