Talk on the history of ancient woodland in The Marches

Ancient trees and the history of woodland in The Marches will be the subject of a public talk being given by a tree expert in Shrewsbury on Tuesday April 10.

Natural history author Andrew Allott will take the audience on a journey back to the wild woods of prehistoric times.

The event, which starts at 7.30pm at St Peter’s Parish Hall, Monkmoor Road, is being hosted by tree planting and preservation group the Severn Tree Trust.

Andrew will explain the history of the woodland of the region going back 20,000 years to the last Ice Age and explain how trees quickly returned to the landscape in the wake of retreating ice sheets.

“For thousands of years our woodland was entirely natural. Then humans arrived, exerting an ever increasing influence on the landscape,” said Andrew.

“Agriculture replaced wildwood. These were dramatic changes. Does any of the wildwood remain? Could we re-establish it? What would be the benefits?”

Admittance to the talk, which is open to the public, is £5 including refreshments.

The Severn Tree Trust hosts talks, events and ancient tree and woodland visits throughout the year. Its aim is to promote the awareness of the benefits of trees, protect ancient and notable trees and plant trees to strengthen existing woodlands and create new ones.

The trust welcomes anyone interested in trees to its talks and site visits. Members range from amateur enthusiasts to professional people who work with trees or are involved in woodland management.

For further information visit the Severn Tree Trust website