This Table Changes Everything - Shrewsbury

Clutching At Straws are a multi-talented and diverse alternative folk trio, hailing from the ‘creative county’ of Staffordshire. Clutching At Straws use an impressive variety of instruments to build a full, layered sound suffused with subtlety and their influences are diverse and eclectic with hints of everything from the irony of bluegrass through to the drama of musical theatre.


Clutching At Straws‘ musical idiosyncrasies are more than matched by the real coup de theatre of their original lyrics. Real life observation and experience lend themselves to songs that are deep and meaningful, digging into the fundamental questions of human existence, juxtaposed by songs full of hyperbole conferring a dry English humour laced with a healthy dose of tongue in cheek satirical soliloquies, that are often intentionally subversive.

Straws’ live shows are brimming with energy and audience interaction. Coupled with their lyricism, this interaction invites audiences to share in stories that are bigger than themselves, keeping Clutching At Straws rooted in folk ideology. A Straws’ gig promises to be a highlight for the hardcore music fan as well as a treat for the layperson enjoying a pint in their local.


About the event:

February, 19th 2016, Wheatsheaf Shrewsbury High street, sy1 1st Shrewsbury
01743 272702
The event:
Doors Open: 9pm
Free Entry
About their Music:
Clutching At Straws will release their single "This Table Changes Everything" on February, 5th. 
'This Table Changes Everything' is Clutching At Straws’ first release since the quartet became a trio in January 2015. The transition has been a testing but highly developmental period leading the band to explore new styles and new ways of conveying their passion for music making. ‘This Table Changes Everything’, written during that transition, celebrates the power of the everyday, to overcome otherwise overwhelming obstacles. Taking a step back, we see that sharing life with other human beings, through the normality of a shared meal, allows us to uncover our own humanity and our own worth. Eating together brings down walls, power structures, egos and facilitates reconciliation. "Take a seat, sit with me, recline and simply be. Take a seat, renounce your 'self', then you'll find you're free”.!music/c1ppg