Support for Stapleton Village Hall

Parishioners using a village hall near Shrewsbury will now be warm and snug thanks to a generous donation from a local renewable energy company.

Stapleton Village Hall, near Dorrington, now boasts a state-of-the-art solar panel energy system following the donation and installation by neighbouring firm ESP Energy of Stapleton.

Village hall committee treasurer, Winston Roberts, said: “Our village hall is relatively small so there is not much opportunity for generating revenue but we are fortunate to live in a thriving community and have a very proactive hall committee.

“As a committee, we are extremely grateful to Mike Collison and his ESP team for fitting this £6,000 system which we hope will drastically reduce our heating and electricity costs immediately and even generate further funds for us in the future through tariffs.

“Although small in size, the hall, which dates back to 1913, is very well used by a wide variety of local people including the keep fit and table tennis clubs and these and other users are the ones who will benefit from the energy cost savings.”

Mike Collison, of ESP Energy, added: “As a local company and also members of the community, we are delighted to be able to support the village hall committee by installing a series of PV roof panels to create a 3.75 kilowatt system which should save them around £500 in the first year and in fact help to generate income after that, so everybody is hoping for plenty of sunshine this summer!”

Started in 2010, ESP Energy is a family firm, based in Stapleton, employing 40 people and providing Renewable Energy systems through Shropshire and the UK.

PICTURED:   Winston Roberts and Mike Collison with one of the PV solar roof panels at Stapleton village hall.