Summer Camps - UK kids missing out

In the USA, as in Canada, France, Sweden, and lots more countries too, one of the highlights of a child’s year is the week or two they spend living among woods and green fields at Summer Camp.

Those countries regard Summer Camps as an important part of their national provision for children. They believe Summer Camps give vital benefits over and above those children get from school and family: finding new friends from all parts of the country, being part of a happy and active community, being away from social media and commercial pressures, in fact living a week or two of “real childhood”. They go back home bubbling with stories of all they have done and the fun they have had, also more self-confident, more positive, more relaxed and happier.

Most children in Britain miss out on these formative experiences. Too many spend some of their school holidays being bored, or shut in their room with mobile phones or tablets.

The Summer Camps Trust, is a recently formed national charity aiming to give the fun, the happiness and the benefits of Summer Camp to many more British children. The Trust believes a thriving system of British Summer Camps would make a real difference to the lives of many children, making them healthier, more enthusiastic and creative, as well as more relaxed and content.

For children who have not yet tried a good residential Summer Camp, The Summer Camps Trust is promoting a programme of Affordable Summer Camps for 9 – 15 year-olds in the latter half of August 2019 (when family holidays may be over and parents back at work) costing only £245 for a seven day residential Summer Camp, including accompanied travel from points all over the country. The camps will be in great countryside centres with lots of scope for both outdoor and indoor activities.

The Trust hopes to attract 500 children who have never been to summer camp. Details of the Affordable Summer Camp programme, together with means of booking on line or obtaining a printed brochure, can be found on the Trust’s website

In the longer term the Trust hopes it will become a normal part of growing up and enjoying the years of childhood for most children in Britain to emulate their peers in other countries and enjoy fantastic and formative weeks “away at camp” every year.