Start-up businesses on the increase, says Telford accountant

A Telford accountant is reporting an increase in the number of new start-up businesses in the town.

Karen Whitehead, who runs KEW Accountants and Tax Specialists, said despite a certain negativity and uncertainty in the economy at present, it wasn’t putting people off setting up their own business.

She said the knock-on effect could only be good for the country in general and Shropshire in particular.

“Brexit continues to haunt us all and no-one is totally clear what effect it will have on our future economy,” Karen said.

“But at least now the Government seems to be getting on with things and I have to say the inevitable uncertainty over such a massive move does not appear to be putting people off going it alone.

“There has been a lot of negativity over Brexit and people still have memories and scars of the troubled financial times of 10 years ago.

“But there seems to be a brighter outlook and that can only be good for the economy and the future.

“One new business we are working closely with is Hull & Co Legal Services on Stafford Park in Telford. Lee Hull was working for a law firm but decided to go it alone and set up his own business specialising in commercial and human resource projects.

“KEW helped with the accountancy and business model, and as a result, Hull & Co has enjoyed a great start.

“That is just one success story we have been involved with since we started.

“It is clear to us that the Shropshire economy is doing very well and I am hopeful there is more good news to come from those who have started their own business and those who intend to.”

Mr Hull said it was vital to get a business off on the right foot and getting the correct financial aspects in place was of paramount importance.

“We have worked closely with Karen at KEW Accountants and Tax Specialists and have established a great relationship,” he said.

“After deciding to set up the company, it was important to ensure we had the right advice from the right company and I am very pleased with how things have gone so far.

“We are a bit different from other legal services providers in that we do not charge by the hour for dealing with a matter - we charge by the project. That keeps things very straightforward and simple.

“I know a lot of firms and individuals out there need to watch what they are paying for a service.

“Our method of working ensures people know from the outset exactly what their bill will be.

“The tie-up we have with KEW has proved beneficial to both of us and I am sure it will continue to be in the future.”