Is this Shropshire's most unbreakable man? Cancer and heart attack victim organises coffee morning for MacMillan

Is this Shropshire’s most unbreakable man? A team leader at a hotel in Telford has survived a plane crash, being run over by a car, cancer and 32 heart attacks – before having a quadruple bypass. Martin Vickers, of Dawley, who works at The Buckatree Hall Hotel in Wellington, has been cancer free for six years and had major heart surgery three years ago. He has now started fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support and will host his first coffee morning as part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning this Friday 25 September. The 51-year-old said: “I don’t really think of my life as dramatic but things just happen to me. “I have done well to survive, I can’t do anything about it. “It does remind you that you need to live each day and make the most of it.” When he was six-years-old Mr Vickers was run over by a Ford Escort outside his home in Horton, Telford, and got trapped under the front mudguard of the car suffering cuts to his mouth and nose. He then survived a plane crash in 1983 when landing at Toronto airport, the plane he was on had a technical failure and overshot the runway. After being diagnosed with bowel and anal cancer in 2007 Mr Vickers underwent two years of treatment for 11 tumours, including 21 weeks of chemotherapy and four operations. In 2012 he then had major heart surgery having suffered a worrying heart attack, which was preceded by more than 30 smaller attacks. Last month he raised £500 in sponsorship for Macmillan Cancer Support after ‘braving the shave’ and now he’ll be baking to raise funds at a coffee morning at The Buckatree Hall Hotel, at the foot of the Wrekin, from 10am to midday on Friday. He said: “I am a cancer survivor. I had a lot of help and support while I was going through my treatment, mainly my family. “When I was first diagnosed people from Macmillan Cancer Support came and spoke to me, gave me leaflets about the financial implications, which I had never thought of. “They talk to you on the ward about what is going to happen to you and when. “I managed to live through it but as a survivor, when you talk to people who have lost people – family members or friends – to cancer, you feel guilty. Particularly if they are much younger than me. “I just want to give something back so I’ve started fundraising for Macmillan.” And Mr Vickers said he is more than happy to raise funds – even though sometimes it reminds him of what he has been through. “Having lost my hair when I had my treatment, for a couple of days after braving the shave it was really quite eery,” he said. “I struggled and had flashbacks, it felt just like I was having my treatment again. “This time I’ll be baking which is something I like to do, I’m not the best cook but I will do my best and would invite everyone else to bring donations of cakes too. “Hopefully the coffee morning at The Buckatree can become an annual event.” General Manager Wayne Jenson said he was astonished to hear of all the things Martin has been through in life and very pleased to be able to help raise funds. He said: “Martin is an excellent team leader. “He has been at The Buckatree Hall Hotel for two years and is an appreciated member of staff, always willing to be involved and help out others. “He has a wonderful attitude and it’s easy to forget everything he has been through. “When he mentioned raising funds for MacMillan I did not hesitate, I will be baking with my family in preparation and we’d like as many people to come down on the day as possible so we can raise as much money as possible.”

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