Shropshire mum launches permanent online fitness training after launching in lockdown

A Shropshire mum who moved her fitness coaching online in lockdown to meet the needs of people at home has moved to permanent online training with the launch of a new website.

Gemma Gibbons, a qualified personal trainer, is passionate about fitness and when COVID-19 hit she immediately began zoom sessions to ensure people could still access exercise classes.

The online classes have continued to grow and this month a new website was launched as a digital resource for people battling the work/life balance while trying to stay healthy.

She said: “As a working mother, I know the constraints people face so I put together this programme to meet the needs of a holistic fitness plan that will fit into any schedule.

“I wanted to provide a fitness programme that focuses on optimal movement, being strong and feeling good - and I didn’t want people who were unable to attend physical classes to face barriers to fitness.”

The new website - - offers four live real-time workouts a week, which are then saved for playback and catch up anytime to suit your lifestyle. 

There is also nutritional support, information and recipes available for members and people can log in anywhere and anytime with minimal space, so everyone can fit exercise into their day.

“As well as offering flexible and accessible classes I want to help people who struggle with motivation or are bored of always doing the same routines,” adds Gemma.

“The clients I work with at the moment are all working various hours in various job roles with families or other commitments that mean without the online classes they just wouldn’t be able to work on their health and fitness.

“I want to look after my own body and achieve healthy living for myself and my family and I want to help as many other people as possible to do this too.”

As well as the online resource, Gemma continues to carry out personal training sessions for those who find digital training is not for them as she is able to take equipment to the client's own homes.