Shropshire Lad to appear on brand new television series

Adam Purnell, also known as The Shropshire Lad, is due to appear in an extraordinary new television show next week. Channel 4 and Netflix are launching an all new food competition titled ‘Crazy Delicious.’ The concept of the show is to bring the audience in to a world where almost everything is edible, and each week three contestants forage for ingredients to create a “fantastical feast.”

Adam has been selected to appear in the first episode, which is airing on Channel 4 on Tuesday 21st January at 8pm. The show also features three ‘Food Gods,’ chefs Heston Blumenthal, Carla Hall and Niklas Ekstedt, who will judge the feasts.

The new six-episode series, presented by comedian and foodie Jayde Adams, is billed as an innovative food competition, set on the world’s first edible set.

Adam comments on being involved with the show, “It was absolutely awesome to be selected for such a ground-breaking, food focused TV show, and to have the chance to present my food to three of my chef heroes was incredibly humbling.

“The aim of the show is to inspire Brits who eat the same meal every week to be more inventive and passionate about the meals they are preparing, which is a concept I love. The challenge was to take a commonplace ingredient, such as a carrot, and then create a sensational feast using some extraordinary products, foraged from an enchanted garden.

“I’m excited to see the final show next Tuesday and I hope I did the Shropshire food scene justice!”

Adam already has lots of events lined up for 2020, including hosting the BBQ stage at the Shrewsbury Food Festival in June and a demo at Ludlow Food Festival later in the year. He is also due to be announcing dates for his fire food feasts soon which he hosts around the county.