Shropshire Folk Tales for Children

The History Press is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of ‘Shropshire Folk Tales for Children’ by Amy Douglas in July 2018. Featuring specially commissioned illustrations by a local artist and part of a new series of folk tales for children from Britain’s finest storytellers,

The History Press is the premier contemporary resource for British folk tales.

Do you know that there are mermaids in Shropshire? How about giants? Or highwaymen?

 Shropshire is full of myths, legends and magical creatures. 

Under every rock lurks a fortune-telling toad; heroes lie sleeping beneath the hills; and there are still hoardes of treasure waiting to be found.

 In this new collection professional storyteller and author Amy Douglas retells some of Shropshire’s best stories, the ones that were so good they have been told father-to-daughter and mother-to-son – and always remembered.

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