Shropshire Dog Rescue Charity To Postpone Charity Event Until Further Notice

NATIONAL canine rescue charity Finding Furever Homes (FFH) is postponing their ‘Give A Dog A Day Out’ charity dog walk planned for Shropshire this weekend as a precaution after one of their dogs developed an unknown illness.

Andrea Newton, Trustee for FFH, said: "We have had a huge amount of support for the event, but  we are sadly going to have to cancel 10 April as one of our rescue dogs, Ruby, developed an illness over Easter.

“Ruby was taken into vets with sickness and diarrhoea and after treatment has made a full recovery but since we do not know the exact cause we cannot risk the possibility that whatever she had was infectious, so taking her or other dogs out of kennels is not a risk we are willing to take.”

Whilst no other FFH dogs appear to have been unwell, two young puppies have sadly also died in the last few days and while this is not thought to be related – as mortality is sadly often a reality in large litters when the mother was in poor condition – the charity does not want to take any risks.

Andrea said: “The walk would have involved our dogs potentially mixing with the public’s and since most of our volunteers have dogs of their own at home we did not want to take any chances as we don’t know what was wrong with Ruby.”

Andrea and the other trustees are incredibly grateful to everyone who was due to attend and lend their support, and apologises for any inconvenience this late postponement may cause. FFH will keep followers informed of future dates via social media and their website:

Although the event has been cancelled, Andrea and a handful of other volunteers will still be attending Haughmond Hill at 11am to promote dogs looking for homes.