Shropshire company leading the way on challenge to meet new green laws

A Shropshire company is leading the way to ensure buildings across the UK meet tight new regulations on energy before a new law comes into force.

SWG Group, based in Shrewsbury, has launched a huge programme to help scale up infrastructure and refit buildings in pursuit of net zero emissions by 2050.

Julian Kirkham, Director at SWG, said they are ready to rise to the challenge through their workforce, designs, supplies and contracts.

“A lot of people in the industry are very aware that this new law is 30 years away - it seems like a long time but changes need to be made now,” he said.

“We already have a programme of people and supplies in place to help meet this deadline, because now is the time people need to start thinking about it.

“The huge scale of work will include changing the fabric of buildings up and down the UK.  Achieving net zero over the next 30 years will realistically require improvements to almost all of the UK's 29 million homes.

“But you need to have specialist techniques in place as well - changing the way a building was created may lead to new problems, and part of our approach has been focussing on how to reduce these.

“Council and housing association buildings will need to be retrofitted first, then private landlords. We are initiating these conversations now to make sure no one is liable when the new laws do come into effect.”

Research by UK100 - a cross-party taskforce of 24 mayors and local leaders representing 24 million people across England - shows the UK will need nearly half a million builders, electricians and plumbers to carry out the enormous work.

The results show an expected further three million jobs will be needed to drive the transition to a green economy across all sectors of the economy.

The group has called on the Chancellor to unlock £100bn as part of the upcoming Spending Review to support the need for a green army of workers. 

“This is a huge task, but one we’re ready for,” added Julian.

“Of course all our current work meets the high standards and any renovations we are carrying out puts this as a top priority - something we have done even before the net zero emissions targets were revealed.

“Doing things like installing the best insulation and using renewable solar, wind and biomass energy is a positive improvement for any home. And with more people working from home this year, it makes economic sense too.”