Shropshire businessman leaves the manufacturing world to help county businesses

A Shropshire businessman has left an operational management career in manufacturing to start up his own company.


Paul Fielding has launched Commercial Assistance to help other businesses with tasks and projects which they do not want a full-time employee to do.


Mr Fielding has held positions of business development, commercial and operations manager to director level during his career and wants to now share the skills he has acquired with the business community of Shropshire.


Commercial Assistance will be offering a wide variety of services including project and event support, logistical, research, recruitment and management support.


“My skills have been developed through the manufacturing industry but can be applied to all sectors.


“I see myself as a facilitator, someone who initiates or implements, a stimulus or catalyst. It is proving difficult to quantify when people are trying to pigeonhole my offering,” Mr Fielding said.


“It might be a project which the business has been trying to get off the ground but time and restricted staff numbers or skill sets have prevented them doing so. For example, the business might be looking for new suppliers or products and need help with their procurement; they may be looking at making their business more efficient and productive, or looking at expos and networking, but haven’t got the time or team to be able to get out and do those important things.


“I can’t create any more hours within their working week, but I can supply my time and expertise from half a day to as many days as that project or task needs.


“I work by gaining an understanding of the current situation and then explore the avenues needed to hit the target or establish and deliver the solution for them.”


Mr Fielding has already completed projects with fellow Shropshire businesses including Chrisbeon, Autocraft (Telford) and ChipsAway which have included Trustpilot review research, working with a CRM system to be more efficient including staff training and interim management.


He has also worked with a vehicle supply business whereby they needed a fleet of vans delivering to Scotland and the staff bringing back during the rail strikes.


“I love getting stuck into a project and making it work, or a problem where an existing process is not working and answers are required but the company just can’t find the time, or the skill set within the existing workforce.


“Many companies are very cautious of employing full time staff at this time. I am an additional resource on an ad hoc basis,” he said.


“My service does not represent a profit margin reduction, the successful conclusion will add to the business profitability because I am not a permanent cost.


“I am very much looking forward to working with more of the amazing businesses we have here in Shropshire and there really isn’t a job too small,” Mr Fielding added.


For more information visit or email Mr Fielding on [email protected]