Shropshire-based start-up focused on creating books, games, and other easily accessible storytelling products

Shrewsbury, Shropshire / May 22nd 2020 Critical Tales announced on Friday (15/05/2020) the official launch of their storytelling company along with the website to support it. This trio of Shrewsbury born-and-raised individuals have been developing Critical Tales since late January of this year. Their first product, Game of Gnomes: The Necrognomicon was started mid-March as lockdown processes were being initiated. Critical Tales decided this was the perfect time try to ease the stress of quarantine with some light-hearted stories about bad-mouthed gnomes.

Game of Gnomes: The Necrognomicon is the first instalment of an upcoming trilogy from Critical Tales and was written by, M. J. Northwood, one of the company’s directors. Plans to publish a physical copy for distribution later in the year are also in progress. Game of Gnomes is not the only series that Critical Tales have in mind. They aim to create table top games that anyone can pick up and play, all planned, created, and published in Shropshire.

The founding of Critical Tales, and their eBook, is an example of how even under current conditions, businesses and people are finding ways to pursue their ambitions. Even with many events and physical locations closed they are engaging with their fans directly through social media, particularly their Facebook page

A Co-Founder of Critical Tales, and Author of the book, had this to say:

“Everyone at Critical Tales is widely passionate about quality storytelling, no matter the form. We love to watch plot and characters develop, and we’re equally excited to see how Critical Tales will develop. We’ve got a lot plans moving forward and, given the right amount of support and interest, we hope to bring a lot of smiles to a lot of faces.”

Digital book sales are increasing across the board since the viral pandemic. With thousands of bookstores closed, the digital market has done its best to fill in the hole. So far, Critical Tales has already received overwhelming positive feedback from the readers of Game of Gnomes: The Necrognomicon, which is currently available directly through their website, Critical Tales with platforms including Amazon, Kobo and Google Play.