Shropshire art work on display in London

Art work by students at a school in north Shropshire has been on display at a prestigious event in London.
Eight pieces of work by students at Thomas Adams School in Lowe Hill Road, Wem, were shown at the thirteenth National Students’ Art Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in the capital.
Teachers said they were incredibly proud of everyone involved.
Emma Morris, an art and design teacher at the school, said: “This is a marvellous accolade for our students.
“We submitted ten pieces of work and for 8 to be selected is amazing, hundreds of entries are sent in by schools throughout the country.
“James Horton, president of the Royal Society of British Artists, selected the work and opened the ceremony - each student who had work on display received a certificate.
“This is a fantastic opportunity for young artists and they thoroughly deserve it after all the hard work they have put in, both the students and parents involved had a great experience and as a school we hope we can build on this in the future.”
The work went on display on Tuesday.
It included pieces by Grace Jandrell, Carmen Murphy and Charlee Minta in year 12, Lucy Smith and Nonnie Owen in year 13 and year 11 student Ellie McCoy.
Liz Dakin, headteacher at the school, said she was very proud to have work from the school on display in London.
She said: “This is a very well known art event amongst schools and a lot of art teachers aim to have their work displayed there each year.
“We are thrilled that Thomas Adams has eight places on the wall, for a school in Shropshire in such rural surroundings it shows we have big ambition for our students and they can achieve among the best in the country.
“We are very proud of our art department, it continues to impress and surpass expectation year after year.
“The response has been fantastic - and knowing that they want to build on this success in the future is great.
“One day maybe one of our students will be in the national gallery as a professional artist, it is great to be part of that journey.”