Shrewsbury Shops bouncing back

Shrewsbury’s independent retailers outnumber big chains by almost half. There are endless boutiques and quirky independents, all tucked away in little crooked medieval alleyways that criss-cross the town centre. They even have the longest uninterrupted row of independent shops in the UK! 

However, being independent means just that - virtually no assistance from anyone.  So what with Brexit, flooding and now a worldwide pandemic anyone would expect these little small shops to be on their knees, but they're not! They are fighting back!

If Covid has shown us anything it's that people are spending more time than ever on their phones, tablets and social media. So as a photographer with over 10 year’s experience Kate Hollingsworth Photography has been helping strengthen small businesses by documenting their story and helping them tell the world what they have been up to! 

These shop keepers, copywriters and designers have not been sitting around watching Netflix, they've been engaging with customers, keeping them informed and updating their web and online presence.

As a professional photographer Kate helps businesses tell their story by working with them to produce a wealth of images that target their ideal clients and get them noticed!

And so far figures are looking good – Jennifer Wadhams from White Orchard on Butchers Row said - "Sales at this point are 80% of what we would normally expect for this time of year – so that’s just fantastic! We feel it will only improve once cafes and pubs reopen (….Prior to lock down it was quite common to have lots of people out for a browse…now shoppers have full intentions of supporting local and we could not be more grateful. ) With Kates help during lockdown and all of the work I’ve done on our web and social media we have seen lots of new customers that have told us they never knew we were here! It’s a wonderful example of how working with a branding specialist can help a small business grow in unexpected ways’

So if you are a small business worried about getting online Kate’s top tip; “Don’t procrastinate – just do it! Get your face and story out there.  Don’t worry about being ‘ready’ get posting, get sharing and tell the people of Shropshire that you are open, ready and raring for business!”

Instagram alone has over 80 million users - 90% of users follow a business on Instagram! You may be scared of social media – but don’t be – it’s there for the taking! 

Here are some more of Kate’s Top Tips for perfecting your social presence online and telling your story! 

People buy people. 

Whatever your business your client wants to know about what’s behind the shop window or logo.

Your ideal client wants to get to know you, like you and trust you, before they choose to buy from you. 

What is your story?  Why you do what you do, what led you to this point, what are your business or if pertinent your personal challenges?  How have you overcome them? 

These elements of your personal brand are vital

Take a moment to write down who you are, why you do what you do, and what you have to offer potential clients. 

Building your personal brand isn’t about putting on a new personality -- it’s about sharing the things that make you uniquely you in a calculated, beautiful way.  Being you, in an authentic way, will attract your ideal clients to you. They will choose you because they like what they see and they feel you are the right person for them.