Shrewsbury School pupils celebrate outstanding GCSE results

Pupils at Shrewsbury School are celebrating an outstanding set of GCSE results a week after their Sixth Form counterparts produced a stunning set of A Level grades.

In the context of rising difficulty in GCSE specifications and a national picture of grade deflation, their performance is particularly spectacular.

Two-thirds of all papers sat by the Year 11 Pupils were graded at A or A*. Thirty-four individual pupils achieved a clean sweep of A* or A grades and of these, ten produced an immaculate set of top A* performances.

One hundred pupils of the 130 who sat the English Literature paper achieved either an A or an A*, and 93 pupils achieved the same level in Mathematics on the new and more rigorous 9-1 specification. Successes came right across the academic spectrum, from Art – in which ten of the prestigious grade 9s were awarded – through to the sciences who collected a total of 266 A or A* grades across the three disciplines.

Headmaster Mark Turner commented:
“The pupils should be very proud indeed of this excellent set of GCSE results, which reflect their diligent and industrious efforts alongside the enthusiasm and passion of the teaching staff. The high-level attainment on display is a strong endorsement of the ability of Shrewsbury School pupils to maintain a commitment to academic excellence in tandem with wholehearted participation in a broad and dynamic co-curricular programme. We wish them all the best as they celebrate this fine achievement.”

Pictured (L-R) are Oliver Shutts, Olivia Moir, Ella Niblett, Emily Hartland, Anya Tonks, Anna Cowan and Freddie Lawson, who are all currently performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the Shrewsbury School musical 'A Drowned Bride'.