Shrewsbury Morris Marath-own for Malawi

On Saturday 8th June Shrewsbury Morris are dancing on the Lower Ground Floor of the Darwin Shopping Centre, Shrewsbury. They will be dancing forty two dances for their very own Marath-own to raise money for the Friends of Sick Children in Malawi. 

Shrewsbury Morris are supporting this charity as Joe Langton the daughter of Ray & Bev Langton, leaders of Shrewsbury Morris is a paediatric doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi. Joe is promoting this Marath-own which is essentially a DIY marathon with no rules other than to complete a distance of forty two km. People will be swimming, cycling. walking, running, climbing Mt. Mulanje etc. Shrewsbury Morris thought it would be fun to dance, but there has been much head scratching at how to calculate the distance when dances have different numbers of people in their sets, stick clashing choruses are stationary and some dances involve a lot of dancing on the spot.

Come and find out just how we do it on Saturday 8th June! 

Malawi has a population of 19 million with almost 50% being under 16 years of age. Money raised through these events will help to fund much needed paediatric nurses and staff in a country where many people have very little. If you can't come and watch, then donations can be made through

For further information please contact [email protected] or on 07799 408297