Shrewsbury dairy farm celebrates two years of Aldi partnership


A Shrewsbury dairy farm is celebrating its two-year anniversary of being part of the Aldi Dairy Farm Partnership.

Binweston Hall farm joined the partnership back in 2018 in a bid to further improve sustainability practices, maintain high animal welfare standards and to share knowledge across a network of like-minded, progressive dairy farmers across the UK.

Since then, the farm has cultivated new habitats to help conserve local wildlife and installed a new digital herd management system to better monitor animal health and improve efficiencies in the milking process. It has also managed to recycle 90 per cent of plastic waste from the farm, with the other 10 per cent that cannot be recycled sold to fuel power stations.

Fiona Dale, at Binweston Hall farm said: “The Aldi Dairy Farm Partnership has helped us to make significant environmental changes and incorporate new animal welfare practices to make our farm more sustainable and resilient for the future.

“We recently ploughed half a hectare of productive grassland and sowed it with a wildflower mix to create sustainable habitats for local wildlife. In particular it will help to attract Solitary Bees, which are vital for food production and are in global decline.

“Visiting other farms has been really useful to share ideas and benchmark our progress. Even with Covid-19, we’ve kept this going with regular Zoom calls and group chats, and we’ve been inspired to install a new herd management system to give us a greater understanding of our cow’s health and make our milking process as efficient as possible.”

Binweston Hall is also a member of the Arla cooperative which is owned by farmers.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said: “Our Dairy Farm Partnership, in conjunction with Arla Foods, supports dedicated dairy farmers such as Dale J C to maintain high welfare standards whilst driving a more sustainable future for the dairy industry.

“Building long-term relationships with British suppliers has been key to our growth, and we’re proud to source 100% of our milk from British farms. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to help Dale J C on their journey so far and look forward to continuing our work with them.”