Shrewsbury Colleges Group gets students through exams amidst Covid Crisis

Like most educational institutions, exams have been suspended or cancelled until further notice due to the onslaught of Coronavirus, but the staff at Shrewsbury Colleges Group were able to rally round and get some students through hours before the country officially entered into lockdown.

On March 26 the Accounts Team at SCG was notified that the Accounting exams were to be suspended until further notice from midnight on Sunday, 29 March.

Accounts Teacher Nicola Perry said: “With students literally poised to sit exams the following week, we felt there was only one thing to do and we sprang into action to allow them to sit the exams they had worked so hard for.

“Our exams, IT and estates staff along with our invigilators made it possible for the six students studying Level 3 Diploma in Accounting and Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting to sit their exams whilst adhering to social distancing on Sunday 29 March – just hours ahead of lockdown.

“To ensure we adhered strictly to the social distancing rules already in place, we asked students to arrive separately and made sure they were seated more than 2m apart. Staff also followed these guidelines and all equipment was thoroughly cleaned before and after the exam.

“Students were grateful for the opportunity to take the exams that they had prepared for. Those with immediate results passed whilst others will wait the normal/usual six weeks to find out.”

If the exams had not taken place, the students would have had to wait until the College reopens and the AAT examining board start conducting exams again.

“This could have hindered the learning for their next unit, which is now being taught by us via distance learning,” said Mrs Perry.

“We are really grateful to all the staff who gave up Mothering Sunday, a day that for now was their last day of freedom, to support the students,” she added.

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