Shrewsbury children's drama group launches online initiative

A Shrewsbury children's drama group has launched a new 'fly on the wall' initiative to encourage shy children to take the first step into a class.

The Glasshouse Mini drama workshops aim to improve confidence, raise self-esteem, expand imagination and improve communication skills for children aged 4 to 11.

But many children in need of more confidence, self-esteem and communication skills are very nervous to join a group setting.

So Amazing Amy, who runs the classes, has launched the 'Fly on the Wall' initiative to help her reach those children.

She said: "At the moment we cannot meet due to the restrictions so I am running free sessions via Facebook for the younger children and via Zoom for older children.

"This gives me a unique opportunity to allow children who are nervous or worried about the class to join a Zoom group but not turn on their video and microphone during the first session - they get to see and hear everything as a 'fly on the wall'.

"I have noticed in the younger classes, which are taking place on a Saturday morning live on Facebook that some children are really enjoying seeing what is happening from afar, and are already telling their parents they would like to attend when the restrictions are lifted."

Prior to the lockdown, all classes, from tots to teens, took place in Bayston Hill, near Shrewsbury.  Amy hopes that giving children the opportunity to see what happens in the classes will build their confidence enough to take the next step.

"It is very difficult at the moment for businesses like mine but there are positives, and this is one of them, if I can reach children that may never have been able to walk into a session and help them with their self-esteem then that will be fantastic."

More information about Glasshouse Tots for babies and toddlers, Minis for four to seven-year-olds, Maxis for eight to 11-year-olds and Teens for 12 to 17-year-olds can be found here

The current online Glasshouse Mini sessions are free and all are welcome.