Shrewsbury based company launch a new range of healthy snacks

A brand new healthy eating brand has launched in Shropshire and is proving really popular amongst the health conscious of Shrewsbury and surrounding areas. 

SY1 Protein offers up a range of handcrafted sweet treats and healthy takes on chocolate bar favourites.   As well as having no added sugar the range is a great addition to a healthy eating regime, as well as being raw, vegan, paleo and gluten free.

Duncan and Sam McGregor, founders of SY1 Protein, explain, “Our healthy snacks are all handmade and we try to use organic and locally sourced ingredients or suppliers where possible.  We’ve worked closely with a local nutritionist to create a variety of snacks that are naturally packed with protein, fibre, antioxidants and of course are tasty and  uncomplicated so that anyone can enjoy them.

The majority of the snacks are made with grounds nuts, dates, raw cacao and other amazing ingredients.  They can be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee on a lazy day or even as a great pre or post work out snack, a breakfast treat or something to keep you going at work.  The snacks aren’t filled with unpronounceable ingredients, E-numbers or preservatives like you will find in shop bought varieties, making them perfect for kid’s lunch boxes and those who like to know what they are putting in their body.  

SY1 Protein sells a small range of no bake snacks on their online shop, and from Friday 7th October you will find them in The Square in Shrewsbury with a small stall offering great food ready to eat on the spot or save for later.

 “We are really excited about getting our clean eating healthy food to the people of Shropshire so please come and find us at Shrewsbury Farmers Market, order online or try out snacks at Liar Liar café in Oswestry, a great new café who were one of the first to support us as a local business.