Shrewsbury based Care Company expands - Oswestry offices launched and new management structure announced

A Shropshire Care Company has officially opened a new office in the heart of Oswestry and created a new management structure as part of its expansion.

To cement its growth, the multi-award winning company, which is based in Bayston Hill, has invested in a new satellite office with new staff and has substantially grown its senior team.

The company, which was established eight years ago, has been gradually expanding and now has four senior managers and under the owner, Ian Barnes.

Newly appointed Director of Care, Claire Flavell, said: “We have restructured the senior team to ensure the right leadership is in place to effectively manage care on a more local basis. We employ local people to manage our care in Shropshire as these are the people who live in and know the area best.

“Among the other new appointments under the restructure are Kirsty Holland, who started with us a carer and has steadily risen through the ranks, as the Care Manager for Shrewsbury and Church Stretton to provide a more focussed delivery of excellent care in those areas. Similarly, Helen Evans is heading up our team in Oswestry and Ellesmere from our new offices in the centre of Oswestry and Ceri Eades now heads up our Human Resources department to make sure that our staff are looked after well. Our growth in the number of carers has been dramatic.”

Bluebird Care has been providing care in the Oswestry area for eight years, helping everyone from children to the elderly to stay living as independently as possible in their own homes – but now a new office facility has opened in the High Street, and a team will be officially based there.

New appointments in the shape of Oswestry Care Manager Helen Evans, who has years of experience in nursing, care supervisor Jessica Morris and new administrator Jessica Morris will work with a team of over 25 care staff from the new office.

Bluebird Care Director, Ian Barnes, said “We have been working in Oswestry for several years and have been steadily growing. The team has recently increased and we are still recruiting.

“We hope the new offices will be an enormous boost to the community and economy in Oswestry. People should feel they can pop in and see us for advice, discuss care for their family member or loved one, or for an informal chat about working as a carer with Bluebird Care.