Shrewsbury apprentices set up an exciting new venture

Shane Heath and Chris Webster, two young apprentices working for Shrewsbury based IT specialists Shropshire ITC have turned a chat they had over a cup of coffee into a business opportunity by setting up and running their own website development department within the organisation.

“Chris and I had seen our directors engage with large businesses across the county to develop detailed, complex websites and we thought that there might be a market for new start ups and sole traders who wanted to have access to good quality, well presented websites but weren’t looking to spend thousands of pounds at a time when their focus needed to be on funding their business” said Shane.

Taking up the story Chris said “Without telling anyone what we were thinking, Shane and I spent a few weeks researching the market, looking at what options were out there for new businesses and developing what we believed was a very attractive proposition to put before our directors”.

“Both Vince and Mike have always encouraged us to be forward thinking and to look for areas where we can add value to our customers so when we approached them with our proposal we were hopeful that they would give it the green light”.

“However we were blown away by their response, not only did they take a great interest in our proposal to supply start up websites to local businesses for a fixed rate, they actively encouraged us with advice, training and even supplied us with a number of potential clients to approach”

Mike Minton takes up the story “Both myself and Vince were deeply impressed by the work that Shane and Chris had put into their proposal and we loved the idea of them building a self sufficient department from scratch”.

“Whilst we have offered some support and advice, the biggest thing we felt we could do for this fledgling venture was to allow them to run with the project. In the space of 3 weeks since they made their presentation they have identified a number of possible clients and have already sold and delivered 3 websites and have a few more in the pipeline for the coming weeks”

“By working closely with their clients, Chris and Shane have delivered high quality websites that have delighted their customers and are now able to use these websites as the portfolio that they can show to potential new clients”

“In what is an extremely competitive market place, Shropshire ITC are rightly proud that two young apprentices have taken this project from inception to some success in such a short space of time. We believe that their hard work and rapidly growing skill sets mean that their web development project is going to go from strength to strength”

The last word should go to Shane “Although we are both young and relatively inexperienced in the business world, we believe that our hard work and attention to detail will mean that we can continue to offer high quality websites at extremely competitive prices to local business. If anyone wishes to speak to us about their requirements then they can contact us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to have a chat with them”