Showing Bullfighting the Red Flag

Showing Bullfighting the Red Flag
The British Ironwork Centre takes on the Matadors with new sculpture.

Depicting a bull mid-charge, with head down and wounded with ‘banderillas’, harpoon tipped lances, in its body, the bull sculpture, which can be found at the British Ironwork Centre, forms part of the collection of sculptures to end all forms of violence.  Rightly named the ‘Anti- Bullfighting Sculpture’, the sculpture depicts the cruel notion that these animals must go through for human entertainment.

Over 250,000 bulls are killed every year in this deadly dance, and those who survive the bullfighting arena are subjected to continuous amounts of cruelty and violence by humans. The Anti-Bullfighting Sculpture, is, and has been designed to be daring, evoking on the emotions of those who view it, with the aim to raise much needed awareness and understanding behind animal blood sports.

The British Ironwork Centre was recently approached by photographer and filmmaker, Mark Patterson, who is creating an emotive piece highlighting the negative effects of inhuman sports on animals, with bullfighting at the forefront of this discussion. Mark and his colleagues visited the Centre in March; with a professional actor dressed in traditional matador clothing, complete with dagger and ‘muleta’ red flag, created a dramatic and realistic scene to bring the overall sculpture to life.

The Anti-Bullfighting sculpture will be here to view at the Ironworks and will become an educational tool to visitors and school children. The sculpture will form part of the expanding educational trail, which teaches both children and adults alike of the importance of standing up against animal cruelty and the blood sports these animals are subjected to.