Seeing the Bigger Picture – North Wales Tourism Gets Iron Support

Named one of the world’s best regions by Lonely Planet in 2017, North Wales is widely known for its beautiful natural assets. It is a wonderful bubble of completely unspoilt land that boasts an array of noteworthy tourist and travel destinations. From underground trampolines to an inland surfing lake to the incredible peak of Snowdon, North Wales is filled to the brim with activity and a real sense of adventure.

Each year North Wales Tourism (NWT) in association with Go North Wales hold an awards evening in Llandudno, one of Wales’ most beautiful beach towns, in celebration of the very best tourism providers in the region. NWT became the voice of tourism within North Wales in 1991 as a way to support and maintain a sustainable tourism industry. Today, NWT are working hard every day to maintain the high level of tourism and respect that North Wales has with travellers from all over the world.

Here at the British Ironwork Centre, we are so lucky to be right on the cusp of such incredible tourist attractions and destinations in North Wales. It is well known that each year tens of thousands of visitors travel the A5 heading towards North Wales, meaning that so many Shropshire businesses benefit from those who tour across the county. From Shrewsbury Town Centre to pubs and garden centres, we all line this vital route.

This is the reason that we are so keen to be involved by strongly supporting our beautiful neighbouring attractions. This year we will be providing the NWT with some unique trophies created by the Ironworks centre. These Welsh dragons have been crafted from solid polished brass and which have been set on a slab of polished granite. We hope that these awards will be enjoyed as much as we enjoyed making them.

Our chairman, Clive Knowles says: “Working with North Wales is non brainer for Shropshire, it’s the jewel sat next door to us. Helping them not only benefits our own tourism, but it also helps to make them shine even brighter. For us not to enthusiastically supporting North Wales would be unthinkable.”

This year’s NWT and Go North Wales awards evening will see over 500 guests in attendance from all over North Wales come together on the 15th of November. It will represent the finest businesses and attractions across the North Wales region and reward those who have particularly excelled in the past year.

As far as we are aware, we are the only attendees from Shropshire and would love to see more local and bordering businesses throw their effort into supporting too, we are blessed to have it on our doorstep. Who wants to join us in 2019?