Saving Our Parks – The Ironworks’ Green Flag Journey

The Daily Mail has recently reported that thousands of parks across the UK are falling into disrepair and left unattended to become unsafe no-go zones. 1 in 3 UK councils have sold off parks in the past year, meaning that many communities are left without the benefits of a greenery near their houses. Some say that this park crisis poses the biggest threat to British parks and public greens since their conception in the late 1800’s.

Because of this, The Green Flag award has never been more important. Beginning in 1997 as a way to breathe life back into the UK’s most derelict and neglected parks, the award is now the benchmark for beautiful outdoor spaces. The award is managed under license by The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government and is designed to honour their winners with an international mark of quality.

We are the first ever free, private Sculpture park in the region to have had a Green Flag assessment. The Quarry in Shrewsbury and Telford Town Park are the nearest Green Flag winners, meaning that, should we be successful, we would be the first park in Oswestry to win such an honourable and exciting award. This coming December and April 2019 will see two more judges visit our site in hopes of granting us the final Green Flag Award accreditation.

From our ever-growing sculpture park and collection of artisans to our committed staff, every aspect of our centre has our visitors in mind. We will always endeavour to improve our site, making each visit as special as the last.

We understand the cultural and social importance, as well as the health benefits, of keeping our parks safe so we are aware that it is so important to protect and support them. Being presented with this award would offer the Ironworks valuable encouragement in maintaining and striving still further, to become one of the finest parks in the UK.

It also signifies that the British Ironworks Centre plays an important part in the national social and community fabric of the country.