Rising Talent Dances with Gangster Granny


Now there’s work experience and there’s work experience… and Shrewsbury College Performing Arts student, Lydia Evans, has probably landed the type of opportunity many teenagers would dream of.

David Walliams’ Gangster Granny comes to Theatre Severn this week and when a phone call came to Shrewsbury College for a top quality dancer to play a twelve year old girl, 17 year old Lydia was selected.

“I’ve been a gymnast and a dancer since I was a child, and now I not only do a lot of dance in my Performing Arts course at the College, but also another nine hours a week outside of College!” says Lydia. “I was thrilled when I was asked to get involved in this show, it will involve acting and dance – it has to be the best week of work experience anyone could hope for!”

Lydia is studying Level 3 Performing Arts and is currently applying to university to study Musical Theatre.

For more information please contact Alex Hankinson King on [email protected] 0174 342 429