Rescue Dogs Seek Loving Home After Being Tied To Lamppost and Abandoned

A PAIR of dogs who were abandoned by being tied to a lamp post are now safe in rescue in Shropshire and looking for a loving new home where they can stay together.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers Mille and Levi, were rescued by national charity Finding Furever Homes after they were picked up by a dog warden in Oxfordshire after being abandoned by being tied to a lamp post with their worldly possessions in a carrier bag by their side.

Life in kennels has been made easier for the friendly pair, who were in poor condition and underweight when they were found, as they have each other for company. But now the dog rescue which is caring for them is desperate to find the duo a home where they can stay together.

Andrea Newton, of Finding Furever Homes, which cares for the dogs in partnership with a kennels, near Condover, Shropshire, said: “It is heart breaking to think that anyone would decide they didn’t want their animals for whatever reason and conclude they should simply abandon them by leaving them tied to a lamp post.

“We don’t know exactly where they were left as the dog warden is not always able to provide us with all the information but we do know they are very lucky to be alive as they could easily have slipped their leads and ended up being hit by cars.”

Andrea says finding anyone to take on just one dog can be a challenge but a pair of dogs is even harder. However, given the tough life they have already experienced she is keen to find them a home together if possible.

She said: We know that finding someone to take on a pair of dogs is always more of a challenge but it means they will always have each other for company and will provide someone with a ready-made family and given what they have already experienced we would like to give them some continuity if we can.

“They are both such loving and friendly enthusiastic and playful dogs with wiggly bottoms and lots of love to give we just hope someone will fall in love with them both.”

Millie and Levi, who are both around 9-years-old are currently being cared for at a private boarding kennels so they will be rehomed through Finding Furever Homes which sponsors their place there.

Andrea added: “Millie and Levi are currently in Shropshire but could be rehomed anywhere in England and Wales – the most important thing is that we find them a loving furever home of their own – wherever that is.”

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Finding Furever Homes, which celebrated its first anniversary as a registered charity, on 10 January 2014, has already helped rehome 280 dogs (198 since it was officially registered by the charity commission) and donated over £40,000 to help cover the vet and food bills of canines being cared for in other rescue charities across England and Wales.

Unlike many dog rescues, Finding Furever Homes never set out to compete with existing charities or build dog rescue facilities of its own but rather to take a pragmatic approach and support smaller dog rescues which already exist throughout England and Wales.