Rescue Dog Receives £500 to help him find a home – a pound for every day spent in kennels

A NATIONAL canine charity been given £500 to find a home for a long stay dog – based on £1 for every day he has spent unwanted and in rescue.

Handsome five-year-old greyhound Louie have been in the care of Finding Furever Homes (FFH) for several months, but prior to that he spent a whole year with another rescue – making a total of 500 days in which the friendly sighthound has been patiently waiting for a home of his own.

Now is a bid to find him a home a generous member of the public, who was not able to take him on herself, has donated £500 to help the charity advertise or otherwise promote Louie, a former racer, to give him the best chance of finding a home of his own.

And to make every penny count the charity is appealing for suggestions about how they can best use the money to promote him as far and wide as possible as well as ways to get his story shared for free.

Andrea Newton, founder of FFH says Louie needs a sighthound experienced home with no cats or small animals as one where he will get plenty of love and attention, but it could be anywhere suitable in England and Wales.

Andrea said: “Since being with us we have found Louie to be quiet, calm, clean in his kennel and not demanding. He’s been good out on group walks and just needs a little time and gentle exposure to the wider world after being stuck in kennels with another rescue before joining us. There really is nothing wrong with him but there are just so many greyhounds like Louie looking for homes he doesn’t really stand out and that is the main reason he is still in kennels.”

Andrea says the generous donation will be used to promote Louie via small adverts and some boosted social media posts, but they would welcome anyone else who can share his story and help them stretch the budget as far as possible as she is open to weird and wonderful suggestions about the best way to get his story out to as many potential homes as possible.

Louis can be rehomed anywhere is England or Wales subject to a suitable home visit.

Andres said: “Louie is quite happy to be left on his own for short periods, relaxes and snoozes very quickly. Small amount of exercise and he would be sorted for the day and he walks really well on the lead. He is a friendly boy, good around all people and great with other dogs his size but as with a lot of sighthounds he has a strong prey drive which would mean he would need to be supervised and perhaps wear a muzzle.

“He’s a fabulous calm, chilled, relaxed dog who enjoys a meander and a wander, just needs a sighthound experienced home who can take care of his natural instincts. He travels beautifully, no issues at all and we see now reason why he could not live with other dogs.”

Finding Furever Homes is a volunteer-run charity that helps to rescue and rehome dogs throughout England and Wales. As a charitable trust, they provide funding to sponsor kennels and foster homes, and often part or fully subsidise veterinary care and specialist diets for dogs in a poor condition.

For more information on Finding Furever Homes and fostering or adopting a dog or to share ideas about how best to promote Louie please visit