Recruitment business launches HR alternative

DM Recruitment has launched a new label as part of its growing group. Simply Interview is their new streamlined HR solution for finding staff, that promises to cut the hassle out of hiring.

The model is aimed at businesses who either don’t use traditional recruitment agencies due to the ongoing fees or who find hiring a burden because they don’t have a HR department. They are offering clients a shortlist of pre-vetted candidates for a one-off affordable fee.

Stuart Danks, Director, said, “We are very excited to launch an innovative new way of hiring staff. It’s straightforward, transparent and efficient, and I think it could be a game changer for many businesses. We can save them time, money and resources by giving them a handpicked list of available candidates from our vast database. We have the experience to find the right person, not just the right CV, for the job.

“There is research that found HR Directors in the UK spend an average of 28 days recruiting for open positions. That will be days of screening CVs, arranging job interviews and carrying them out, checking references, shortlisting the candidates, negotiating an offer, and communicating to all applicants. Business owners and managers simply cannot afford to take time away from their jobs to carry out this HR function – that’s where Simply Interview comes in.”

Jamie Dockerty has been promoted from Sales Manager at DM Recruitment to Head of Simply Interview and Opus Vitae. Opus Vitae offers permanent recruitment services, specialising in industrial, commercial, hospitality and FMCG. Jamie said, “I’m thrilled to be taking the helm of our two permanent recruitment labels. We can offer the perfect recruitment solution for any business now.

“Simply Interview is an exciting launch for us, as there isn’t anyone else offering a service like this. People are more than CVs, which is why this is more than a CV listing website. This is a no-nonsense way of hiring the staff you need with an affordable one-off fee. It is that simple!

“Anyone who is currently looking for work can put their CV in front of their potential next employer, at no cost to them, all they need to do is head to to register.”