Purition helps NHS workers get natural and convenient nutrition for less

British natural food company, Purition, is giving NHS workers a 50% discount on 500g bags of its wholefood shakes, delivered to their door.

Ideal for a busy lifestyle, Purition can be a quick and tasty breakfast, light lunch or pre/post workout snack. It is made with 100% real food ingredients and can be blended into a delicious shake in 30 seconds, offering convenient and natural nutrition.

The discount will reduce the price of packs from £22.95 to £11.48 with free postage and packing. 

To take up the offer, NHS workers simply email [email protected] using their NHS email address to receive a promotional code to use online at www.purition.co.uk.

As the country tackles Coronavirus, NHS staff have resiliently risen to the frontline working tirelessly to save lives and return the country back to normality. With busy work schedules, it can be easy to miss meals or reach for a sugary snack. 

Purition is low in sugar, high in fibre and protein, certified gluten free and contains healthy fats from seeds and nuts – a convenient, all-natural alternative.

Edward Taylor, founder of Purition, says:

“We are in awe of the sheer dedication and resilience of our NHS workers and wanted to help them get the nutrients they need during this difficult time. A snack full of artificial flavours and refined sugars can cause energy levels to spike then drop, leaving the person feeling sluggish and tired. Whereas Purition, made with only real food ingredients, can keep our bodies fuelled for longer. Keeping energy levels regulated has never been more important.”

Purition is available in a wide range of flavours in both a vegan or non-vegan recipe. It can also help to support those with Type 2 Diabetes (low-carb), digestive issues or those undertaking medical treatment which requires specialist attention and improved diet quality.   

From a bespoke facility in Shropshire, Purition is produced using the Just in Time (JIT) production method – ensuring that product is produced, packed and sent within 1-2 days of ordering and guaranteeing ultimate freshness.