Prestfelde pupils' planting project

Shrewsbury pupils are digging in to create new woodland areas in the grounds of their school.

The children at Prestfelde Preparatory School are taking part in a major planting programme which is enhancing the school’s 30 acre site in London Road.

They have taken delivery of over 1600 hedge saplings in the last four years and 400 more are arriving this spring.

The school is also planting more mature trees for future generations to enjoy, with six trees taking root this week, including three metre high cedars, oaks and other native trees which will attract wildlife and boost the ecology of the area.

Fiona Orchard, Prestfelde’s new head, has been helping children with the project.

“I am putting down roots myself at Prestfelde so it is great to be able to take part in this exciting project and I look forward to seeing how the hedges and tress mature over the years,” said Fiona, who took over from former headmaster Mark Groome this year.
“The school site is looked after by excellent grounds staff and local arboricultural experts so I am sure they will thrive and will be enjoyed by both staff and children.”