Paycare sponsors Chamber Champion award

Community champions who go above and beyond to benefit the lives of everyone in Shropshire are set to be honoured with the help of a not-for-profit organisation.

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce has launched its first-ever Chamber Champion awards which includes an accolade for Service to the Community, sponsored by Paycare.

The category will be won by an individual or business within the county which has overcome challenges and displayed hard work and commitment to make a real difference within the county.

Formed in 1874, Paycare offers a range of Health Cash Plans to individuals and businesses across the UK – this means Policyholders can claim back money on a range of everyday healthcare costs including Optical, Dental and Physiotherapy, as well as gain access to a range of perks such as 24-hour GP appointments through the dedicated MyPocketGP app and confidential Telephone Support Helpline. Paycare is also proud to provide access to a range of accredited mental health training and support with our Paycare Wellbeing team.

The Midlands-based organisation is about much more than providing holistic health and wellbeing services to Policyholders. It is truly invested in communities, with a track record of donating more than £2.2million and countless volunteer hours to a range of charities and good causes, whether they’re community sports teams, charities helping victims of domestic abuse, homelessness outreach projects, or hospices.

Explaining why sponsorship the award was such a welcome opportunity for the organisation, Corporate Account Manager Simon Cater said: “At Paycare, we jumped at the chance to sponsor an award which celebrates Service to the Community. Not only because we believe honouring those who go above and beyond is essential – but also because it aligns so perfectly with our values and ethos as a not-for-profit organisation.

“Giving back to the community is simply a way of life for our team – Paycare wouldn’t be the same without our commitment to our people, our community and our customers.

“We’re so passionate about shining a light on individuals who are helping the communities most in need in Shropshire - the people who often go unnoticed while they are quietly but resolutely making a world of difference to the individuals and organisations they support. Without these people, the county (and the world!) simply wouldn’t be the same.”

Teresa Rowe, Shropshire Chamber of Commerce’s Events Manager, added: “We are extremely delighted to welcome Paycare as a sponsor of the Service to the Community award, as well as sponsoring our advertisement breaks throughout the live stream event.

“Together, we are really looking forward to celebrating the winner of the category – an individual or business who has evidenced hard work and commitment, made a real difference, and overcome obstacles and challenges during the pandemic.

“Without Paycare’s continued support, events like this just would not be able to take place.”

This year is the first time the Chamber Champion Awards have been held, with the ceremony being live streamed from a specially-constructed television studio in Shrewsbury on Friday 17th July. Funds raised through the awards will be donated to Shropshire Mind and Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service.