Not Just Any Old Iron – The Ironworks’ Partnership with Ironbridge

We have long admired The Ironbridge Gorge Museums for their history, hard work and continued efforts to make their site a truly amazing place to visit. Seeing them as the matriarchy of iron, we were completely thrilled when the discussion of a partnership between us turned into an iron-strong reality. Described by the Ironbridge as “a partnership between the new and the old”, we will now be offering some really fantastic group packages to those wishing to explore two pivotal ends of Shropshire.

Known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, The Ironbridge Gorge Museums are an important reminder of our British history and our iron past, With 10 award-winning attractions all situated in one location, Ironbridge is bound to delight all ages and backgrounds. Take a step back in time and visit all their museums, from the museum of Iron to taking a long walk down the underground Tar Tunnel, to being amazed by the 12 metre long miniature replica of the Gorge.

The British Ironworks will bring a fresh view of present day ironworking in contrast to the museums historical legacy, allowing visitors to explore iron used in art and sculpture. Our site offers a quirky and bizarre array of monuments, sculptures and unique items that you won’t have seen anywhere else before. It’s a place simply beaming with eccentricity and British pride. With something new and wonderful around each and every corner, the Ironworks Centre is the perfect place for your group visit.

This newfound partnership will offer a fantastic package for group visitors whereby they get the unique chance to visit both sides in Shropshire in one day. Start the day by going back in time to explore the historical wonder that is Blist Hill Victorian Town and enjoy a selection of delicious, freshly made goods from The Victorian Bakery. Finish the day at the Ironworks with a hearty lunch in our famous Forge Café and a leisurely wander around our showroom and sculpture park. Alternatively, you can choose to start the day here at the Ironworks where you can indulge in one of our array of English breakfasts and end the day adventuring along the first ever cast-iron bridge, built in 1779 across the River Severn.

We are so incredibly excited about this partnership as it will be the first tourism partnership that illustrates how Iron has changed all our lives for the better and how its uses have changed across the ages.

In taking this tourism package, you will also get to see some of the most beautiful Shropshire Countryside. Shropshire is one of the most beautiful of the English counties and we would love to see more tourism groups exploring all that it has to offer. Situated right on the border of North Wales, named one of the world’s most beautiful regions by Lonely Planet in 2017, Shropshire is filled to the brim with culture, natural beauty and some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet.

We can talk about how great this partnership and package is for days, but it really is something that needs to be seen and experienced for yourself! Stay tuned for more details about how you can book your trip.