NHS exhibition welcomes Shropshire woman's plans

The NHS could train staff in the Grief Recovery Method® to aid people who have suffered a loss, after a Shropshire woman highlighted its significance.

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist Phyl Edmonds, 54, of Wellington, Telford, is currently the only person in Shropshire trained in the method, which originated in America.

Phyl thinks the NHS would save money long-term if they used it. The idea, she said, was well received when it was floated at a mental health conference last month.

She said: “I manned a stand at the exhibition and spoke to NHS representatives about how this could aid their work.

“I don’t suggest the Grief Recovery Method replaces any NHS practices but it could aid them, by giving them another tool to help people experiencing the loss of a loved one, the breakdown of a relationship or any such loss in their life. It could mean less time spent on treatment as it will help them to move on in life.
“The reception we got from people was really positive.”

It was the first time Ms Edmonds had been to the Mental Health: The Five Year Plan conference and exhibition, which was held at The America Square Conference Centre, Tower Hill on September 23.

The conference and exhibition was attended by mental health organisations and NHS representatives who commission services, as well as Carole Henderson, who set up Grief Recovery in the UK.

Mrs Henderson said: “We were very well received. I was pleasantly surprised at how open minded and receptive people were. There did seem to be interest.”

Ms Edmonds has used the Grief Recovery Method to help parents who did not get their children's ashes back from Emstrey Crematorium, men and women who have lost a partner through death and people who have gone through relationship breakdowns - as well as professionals working with children.

She is the only certified Grief Recovery Specialist in Shropshire and set up her company Severn Intervention Services last year following the tragic loss of her husband through suicide in 2010.

Ms Edmonds offers group or one to one sessions in therapy rooms at Optimum Joy in Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury and at the Glebe Centre in Wellington, Telford.

For more information on the services she offers call (01952) 255952 or 07817 910 552 or email [email protected].