New taste for Shropshire launched by restaurant

Foodies in Shropshire are now able to sample dishes inspired by the streets of India in what is believed to be a first for the county.

Chefs at Mimosa, in Telford have launched a street food menu, based on their experience of living and working in Asia - and they are confident it will be prove to be a hit with Shropshire diners too.

Head of kitchen operations at the pan-Asian buffet restaurant in Southwater, Bal Gill, said the new range was something different.

“Street food is a common sight across Asia, where people sell a huge range of food from roadside stalls,” he said.

“If you ever travel to India, all the guidebooks tell you to try street food because it’s a great way to truly eat like a local.

“The food is fresh, nutritious and of course you are treated to the wonderful sights, smells and sounds of the vendor cooking it right in front of your eyes.

“It’s a big part of the food landscape in India and across Asia, including China, Malaysia and Japan, so we wanted to try to recreate that here in Shropshire.”

The restaurant launched the new range at a family fun day in August which was held to mark its first year in the Southwater development at Telford Shopping Centre.

Free family entertainment was provided during the day and people were invited to try samples of the street food menu.

Kuldeep Gill, who runs the restaurant with her brother Sunny Grewal, said it was a great day.

“There was a really nice celebratory feel to the day because we are proud of how the first year has gone in Telford,” she said.

“We were the first restaurant to open in Southwater and we feel the area has established itself really well.

“People have been lovely and welcoming since we opened, so the birthday party was a way of us saying thank you to our customers old and new.

“The street food menu went down well, and a lot of people said they had never seen it before, so we could well be the first restaurant to offer it in this area.”

Among the dishes on the street food menu are Chilli Chicken Momo - deep fried homemade dumplings filled with minced chicken and served with tomato, onion, chilli and garlic salsa - Masala Dosa - rice batter pancakes stuffed with spiced potato, served with coconut chutney and warm South Indian sambar sauce - and Golgappa, a traditional Indian aperitif, a crispy fried shortbread ball filled with chickpeas, potato and a shot of sweet and sour consommé.