A New Place to Shop Safely for Used Cars

A brand new used car supermarket is opening in Shrewsbury in February. This is welcome news because it will bring nearly 50 jobs to the area and provide residents with a reliable place to buy affordable used cars. The dealership, which will be opening in Battlefield, will be a Car Store dealership from automotive retailer Evans Halshaw. This will be the 15th Car Store operating in the UK and the dealership has enjoyed a lot of success so far thanks to their wide range of stock and after-sales service.

The New Facility

The state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility will be able to house hundreds of used cars for sale across a range of different manufacturers. Car Store also uses a virtual store that allows customers to browse over 20,000 used cars for sale up and down the country and have one moved locally. Additionally, there will also be a Sell Your Car service where motorists can sell their automobile to the dealership

The head of implementation at Evans Halshaw Car Store reflected on the announcement: “We’re delighted to announce that Evans Halshaw will be opening a brand-new Car Store in Shrewsbury shortly. Selling quality used cars at affordable prices, this is a unique proposition for the area and we look forward to helping customers find their perfect car.”

The Used Car Market

This opening comes at a crucial moment with new car sales plummeting in 2017 amidst uncertainty over Brexit and the Government’s clean air plans. As a result of this, an increasing number of motorists are shopping in the used car market as it is a much smaller and safer investment. Used cars are much cheaper than buying new, but it is also important that motorists are aware of how to shop for second-hand vehicles.

History Check

In addition to giving the car a thorough examination and taking it for a test drive, it is also worthwhile to get a vehicle history check carried out. This is particularly important if you are buying privately, but still worthwhile even from reputable places like Car Store because sometimes the seller will be unaware of the automobile’s past.

Driveaway Insurance

Another important consideration is insurance - you must have insurance in place before driving off the lot, but you may need time to compare deals. In this situation, it is best to arrange driveaway insurance from a company like Cap HPI. This is short-term cover which usually lasts around 5 days and is often available from the dealership and can be arranged instantly.

It is an exciting time in Shrewsbury with the new Car Store dealership opening this month. This is great news for the community and will provide a reputable and reliable place to buy affordable used cars (and even sell your own). This can be much safer than buying privately and motorists will have an enormous range of cars to choose from, but it is also important to be aware of how to shop safely and what needs to be arranged before driving off the forecourt.