New MD at NCM

Shrewsbury-based printer repair specialists NCM have appointed Peter Stokes as the company’s UK Managing Director.
Formerly General Manager at NCM, Peter takes responsibility for managing and growing the company’s client base and developing the business into European Markets. Supported by the Shrewsbury call centre and a team of 80 service engineers based throughout the UK, the company maintains and repairs all types of computer printers, multifunction copiers and hand-held printers for household names such as Waitrose, Network Rail and Royal Mail Group along with specialist industrial printers. NCM’s parent company has operations in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.
Peter, who was previously Operations Manager of Micro Plus Computers before joining NCM, said, “I am delighted to have appointed to this new role within the NCM Group. We’re looking forward to developing new markets and to introducing new ideas to companies which have traditionally entered into a ‘pay-per-click’ agreement for their copiers and multifunction devices, to show how they can save money by retaining their assets and entering into a maintenance agreement rather than leasing a new printer every three years - which is typical in the industry”.
Not only is this practice expensive, it’s also wasteful, as Peter continues, “As one of the biggest recyclers of printers in the UK, we know that many perfectly good printers end up in landfill. Our business model shows companies that there is another way, which, in these days of corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness, can help businesses lower their carbon footprint”.