Madam Zuri Arrosa Burlesque Workshop

This not to be missed!

Madam Zuri Arrosa’s Burlesque Workshop for Beginners.

The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury. Saturday 23rd March 2019 at 1:30pm. £4.00 per person. Tickets available via…

What to expect?
Lots of fun and laughter!

The workshop will start with a demonstration and then we’ll look at some basic moves which we will incorporate in to our final group routine. You’ll also have a whistle-stop tour of the history of burlesque and will discover your inner burlesque with my Burlesque name generator.

What to wear?
There is no chair or floor work in my beginner’s workshop so dress in whatever you feel comfortable in, so long as you are dressed (wink).

Who can come?
Anyone, the workshop is for all ages, sizes and genders. However, you might find it uncomfortable if you have any lingering hip or back problems.

Need more information?

Please contact my page Madam Zuri Arrosa