Lovely but anxious Labrador Buddy Seeks a family to call his own

AN eight-month-old Labrador puppy called Buddy who has already had several homes in his short life is looking for an experienced forever family with the patience, love and commitment to work through his abandonment issues.

Buddy, who is a yellow Labrador, is currently being cared for by charity Finding Furever Homes (FFH) which has placed him with a temporary foster family near Shrewsbury. Buddy was taken in by FFH about two months after his third owner in 6 months decided they could not keep him and so signed him over to the charity.

Although a friendly, loving and bouncy dog, Buddy has not had a settled life so far and as a result he cannot be left alone for any amount of time as he gets very anxious.

Now FFH trustee and founder Andrea Newton explains: “People see a young Labrador and think he will be an easy dog to take on, but through no fault of his own Buddy has had no stability or routine in his life so far, so he gets anxious if he is left alone which sets back his progress.

“It is not a case of not being able to leave him for too long, you simply cannot leave him at all now, even with another dog for company. Whoever takes him on will have to commit to working through these issues and slowly building up his confidence. It is not something he will just get over quickly or which can be ignored so his new family need to be prepared to put in a lot of work and clear their diaries for a few weeks to help him settle in.”

A typical friendly Labrador, Buddy needs a home with another established older dog who he can learn the ropes from and gain confidence with. He has lived with children and other animals and he is good around horses and livestock and travels well in a car.

As you would expect for his age he is bouncy and energetic, so in addition to working through his abandonment issues he will need some general obedience training. Being a bright young chap, he would also benefit from dog agility or fly ball or some other activity to stimulate his brain.

Due to his age, Buddy has not yet been neutered, so this is something which would need to happen in his new home once he has settled in, however FFH will meet the costs of the operation as well as any specialist training he may need to work through his separation issues.

Andrea said: “Buddy has had a very unsettled life so far through no fault of his own and will need someone to help him unpick his history and start over. He cannot be left alone and will need to be in a home where he will always have someone around or where you can take him everywhere with you, until you can help him overcome his anxieties. He has made great progress since being in his foster home for a couple of weeks and will continue to improve in the right home with a patient and understanding owner.

Buddy is looking for an excellent, experienced home with a total commitment to training, socialising, stimulating and making up for lost time where you will be able to offer this boy exactly what he needs and give him the exercise, activity, mental stimulation, diet and attention that he fully deserves.”

Due to his history, Buddy is looking for a home in the Shropshire or Powys area so the charity can follow his progress and support the adopters as needed.

Finding Furever Homes is a volunteer-run charity that helps to rescue and rehome dogs throughout England and Wales. As a charitable trust, they provide funding to sponsor kennels and foster homes, and often part or fully subsidise veterinary care and specialist diets for dogs in a poor condition.

Anyone interested in offering Buddy a home is asked to visit and make sure they meet all the specific criteria and are rescue ready before filling in an application form. Adoption is subject to a satisfactory home check.