"Love Around the World" Shrewsbury screening

The stunning multi-award winning documentary film "Love Around the World" will be screened in Shrewsbury at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 1 November at Theatre Severn. The event will include a Q&A with film-makers Anđela and Davor Rostuhar, who are currently on tour in the UK and Ireland where the film is being exclusively shown to the public. 

‘Love Around the World’ is a beautiful, culturally, and socially relevant documentary film created when photographer, adventurer, and globetrotter Davor Rostuhar and his wife Anđela turned their honeymoon into a year-long exploration of the meaning of love. On their journey, they travelled across 6 continents, visited 30 countries, and met hundreds of people. They conducted 120 interviews with different types of people, in all types of relationships, asking them the same questions about love and relationships, diving deep into the most intimate notions of humanity and love that we all share, regardless of the cultures we are born into. They shot thousands of photos, collected umpteen hours of video material, and transformed this inspiring experience into a documentary film, book and travelling exhibition, showing the complexity of love in the 21st century.

Total Film Magazine: “deeply touching, a delicate mosaic of intimacy, hinged on the mystery of what it means to be connected to another person
The Guardian: “beautifully shot and seamlessly edited together... a sweet and well-meaning film representing diversity on every possible axis

From deep within the Amazonian forests, to remote villages in the Himalayas, small Pacific countries and African slums, all the way to the world’s largest metropolises, this stunning documentary shows us 33 different stories about love and marriage, the highs and lows, the challenges and struggles, creating a great love story that reminds us how love can never be simple, but at the same time, how just a few things on Earth are quite as simple as love.

The Times: “gorgeous footage and the inevitably fascinating nature of people’s private lives…rounded in the sometimes-painful testimonies of the interviewees"
The Independent: “a portrait of humanity through love. Love is universal, it’s something that everybody can understand and connect through… It’s incredible, this documentary is an honest and intimate look at romantic relationships between people around the world

‘Love Around the World’ searches for the definition of love through real-life experiences and emotions, whilst also showing the role that religion, culture, politics, and personal circumstance has on relationships. It makes us ask the question, what is love? A question most of us have no doubt asked ourselves at least once in our lifetime, perhaps it is even one of life’s biggest questions?

Tickets can be bought in advance from the venue's website or at the door on the day of the screening. For more information, please watch the trailer or visit the project website.