Local turbine could power 240 homes say Shropshire Community Group

Sharenergy and Sustainable Bridgnorth have resubmitted a turbine planning application this week for the Crida Community Wind project.  Sustainable Bridgnorth is a local organisation, run by volunteers, which had previously applied to install two turbines on land near Meadowley (3 miles west of Bridgnorth).

Following objections, the application was re-examined to see if there was any way to reduce the perceived visual impact on the landscape, nearby heritage features, and leisure interests.

The planning application has been amended and resubmitted to the Council for fresh consideration and Shropshire residents are being asked to show their support again.  The updated application is for a single 500kW medium scale turbine.  The community owned turbine would be expected to generate enough energy every year to provide the electricity for around 240 of Bridgnorth’s homes.

Spokesperson and Chair of Sustainable Bridgnorth, Bob Ensum, said “We have listened to concerns and substantially reduced the plans.   We are delighted that we have been able to find a proposal which, if successful, will allow residents of Shropshire to own their own source of renewable energy generation.  Anybody in Bridgnorth, or Shropshire, will be able to become a member and help purchase the turbine. Members will also have a vote on how the community fund it generates is spent.”

Jon Halle, from Sharenergy, commented “Crida Community Wind is very different from a developer-led project where turbines are installed for profit.  It will be a community owned turbine so not only will members have a say in the running of the project, but the funds earned will be kept within the community.  Similar community projects are popping up around the UK, such as Dingwall wind, which we helped get running last year.”

Sharenergy is a cooperative based in Shrewsbury which assists community groups to create and run community owned renewable energy schemes across the UK.