Local Recruitment Firm Launch New Clocking in System

DM Recruitment has launched a digital clocking in app for their clients. When a temp worker clocks in on their system it is automatically logged on a timesheet ready for clients to review.

Customer Service Manager, Edward Danks, is spearheading the roll out of the Auriga app, which launched at the start of December. The new app links directly to their CRM system, and allows workers to view their shifts, clock in and out, and share their availability in real time.

He said, “We are excited to be rolling out a new digital system which we think will reduce the workload for our clients. When our agency workers clock in and out, it will be automatically recorded on the timesheets and payroll documents. This saves our clients time inputting the data, instead they will just need to confirm they are happy with the recorded data.

“The new system will help our temps to save time too. They can sign all their documents electronically and we can on-board them in to new jobs really quickly, helping them to stay in work. They can also specify when they want time off. Plus they have added reassurance they will get paid for the hours they work because the onus is on them to record their hours on the system.”

People looking for temp work can record when they are available through the same app. DM Recruitment hope this will speed up the recruitment process.

Managing Director, Stuart Danks, adds, “Given the challenges of labour shortages this year, I feel it is important to have the slickest systems in place to ensure our clients receive an efficient service from our temps. It’s great to provide our temps with a paperless system for getting work that reduces contact with people. However, if guidelines permit, we still allow workers to come in to the office to complete their paperwork if that is more suitable for them. We look forward to introducing this new system in to more workplaces in 2022.”

Before downloading the new app, users need to register on the website at dm-recruitment.com and follow the instructions.

DM Recruitment is part of the newly formed DMOS Group, bringing together all of Mr Danks’ businesses, which includes recruitment consultancy for permanent positions with Opus Vitae and their Technical Division - Simply Interview. The DMOS Group works with businesses across the West Midlands and mid-Wales.